Seasons Change

I cannot believe it’s October.  Winter, Spring, Summer….gone.  The air has that crispness to it now, there’s a still quietness,  and the dark falls a little earlier each day….another season is upon us.  Seasons change.

Fall is honestly that time of year that brings up memories of so many season changes.  When I think back to pivotal moments, most have taken place in the fall.  Especially in this season of my life. It’s a season that brings me joy and sadness….exuberant joy and the deepest of sorrow.  Fall has brought us that miracle of life in this season as we became Boppy and Mimi-three times.  Fall has also brought us sorrow as it is the season that is  now the season I became a daughter without her mother.

September, October, November-celebratory months.  Ella, Blane and Elizabeth all entering this world as Fall babies. Never realizing that you could possible love someone as much as you do the kiddos of our children.  It truly is the most magical relationship you will ever experience.  As I drove past beautiful mums today, I noticed that the colors of mums match so perfectly with their unique personalities.  Elizabeth is yellow-full of life and shining bright.  Blane, he is as boy as the maroon color that makes that perfect dark accent among the brightness of yellow.  Ella, she is pink-that pink, purple color that just exudes giggles and smiles and little girl.


I am grateful for the celebrations we have to look forward to each year as they grow older.  That celebration, especially Blane’s, will help keep the darkness of sorrow from taking the joy from Fall from us all.  Especially Blane’s.  In the midst of the sorrow on the date we will remember my Mother on this earth, we will also celebrate that joyful boy that was born one year earlier, on the same date.  A day we would like to forget is a day we love celebrating.  God knew and I am confident he orchestrated the dates to be identical for that purpose.  He knew my Mother loved a great party…a great cake…and she is likely wearing the biggest party hat of all on that date. Fall ushered in my season as a Mimi…and Fall brought the change of season that made me a daughter without an earthly Mother…changing seasons.


Just as the seasons of weather change, so do our seasons of life. Choosing to find the joy in those seasons is up to us….the seasons changing…well…just as the colder air ushers in the changing of the leaves, the seasons that change in our lives are most often out of our control.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: