Sand In The Shoes…and the Empty Bedroom

Winter seems to prefer the days to go by like molasses on a cold, winter day….whereas Summer, well, it seems she prefers the days to go by so fast you can barely get the lid off of the sunscreen.  I’m not a fan of this time deal they have apparently worked out without my permission….but that’s a topic that probably needs to be left on the shelf…as Thumper’s Momma told him..if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nuthin’ at all.

I seriously must be one blessed gal this summer though…I mean..TWO trips to my favorite spot in the entire Universe-the beaches of South Walton.  I’ve got sand in my shoes! Y’all know the first trip was with my two favorite guys, but I just returned from the second trip after my favorite middle sis offered me a bed on their beach vacation!  (Y’all know this gesture puts her in the sister hall of fame..right?  I mean, seriously, that’s like telling a house dog they can go roll in whatever the choose to without any consequences…hearts a leapin’ for joy!!!)  Getting to hang out with my sis, her spouse and my most beautiful niece in the entire world…well…as the Discover commercial says…Awesomesauce!

South Walton Beach....I love you!

South Walton Beach….I love you!

I did nothing while on the beach…seriously…I have perfected the beach pose.  Sunscreen on, towel placed strategically on the chair so that it won’t inch down or fall off, sunglasses perched perfectly on the bridge of the nose, water bottle secured in the sand, sit…extend extremities, chair in the next to the lowest head position….and exhale.  Toss in the occasional fifteen step adventure mid-calf into the ocean…and well…that’s heaven on earth folks.  (Mid-Calf is my line in the sand where the ocean is concerned…I love her, I could watch her for hours…but y’all, one foot in and we become part of the food chain and I kinda like all my fingers and toes. Those of you who venture out deeper…hats off to your bravery!)  Once again, SWB did not disappoint.  Beautiful emerald green water, soft white sand, the sounds of the waves coming ashore…aaaahhhhhh…..BUT…..SWB….I did not care for the PURPLE flag on our last full day….nope…didn’t care for it…and folks, why is that TINY flag placed in a spot no veteran beach goer will even look?  I mean seriously….you have your tote on one arm….you are scouting out where your beach set-up is….and the ocean is calling your name over and over…and you are expected to look the opposite way towards the back of the beach for the flags for that day??  Nope..ain’t happening.  May I suggest folks walking the beach passing out flyers?  We could have died from a jellyfish!  A no brain creature of the sea…could have taken us all out!  Kinda hard to prevent certain calamity if the first time you see the flag is when you are packing up for the day!  Flyers people…or all those crazy planes and helicopters that fly across the shore could carry a banner reading, “DEATH UPON ENTERING WATER…DANGER.”  Really…cause how many of us are going to avoid the water with the wording “Dangerous Marine Life?”  You are so sitting there right now saying, “I laugh in the face of danger.”  My point exactly!

Before your eyes could blink, the beach was over…time to pack the bags and leave.  I do believe I enter a clinical state of depression each time I leave the beach.  Hmm…wonder if BCBS would pay for monthly beach trips if I could convince them that it was the only “drug” that would work to lift my mood? I do breathe better…..Hmm…..another blog for another day.  Anyhow….a trip over to Seaside/Watercolor/Seagrove to get a few t-shirts…..and..well….maybe a Lily Pulitzer dress… was on sale…it fit..who am I to tell a dress she can’t come home with me when she’s so adorable???  And it was over….bye Florida….iPhone in hand on my Home-Away app seeing what the prices were for October.  Ok, maybe I have a problem.  Maybe I need an intervention…BUT…have you see that water?  Walked on that sand?

So, I land in Chicago..all depressed and all because I’m told you can’t live in a tent on the beach forever….walk up to my baggage claim and look up…NO JOKE…a sign for 30A and the Beaches of South Walton….I felt like Charlie Brown as Lucy pulled the football from him once again….clearly God was sending me a sign that I should just hop a plane and go right back.  Right?  That sign was for me….right?  Or was Chicago taunting me with my love, because I had been talking so poorly at her pitiful attempt at summer????  We may never know.

Today, I wake up in Chicagoland….to what I have put off for a week….the empty bedroom.  See, smart Kim was able to somehow go on a trip the same day her baby boy left for the Aspen Music Festival…not to be seen again until move in day at college….and not to be seen in Chicagoland until Thanksgiving.  I feel like Eeyore.  Left the beach….empty room…ugh.  Empty-nest joy obviously is just for birds…..cause I am not feeling it.  Don’t get me wrong..I am thrilled my baby boy has wings….thrilled…but I could have used another eighteen or so  years…just saying.  Our five week summer was not long enough…and summer is the big “move to grad school” summer…and I’m just not wanting any part of this whole party.  I think I went wrong that day I let him take his first step…see…what are we thinking????  We teach them to walk and talk and be all independent and that’s what they go and do…and poof….they are off into the world.  Empty room.  I keep thinking I will change it out to my long dreamed about floral shabby chic oasis….but I wonder if that would be an obstacle to get him to return for visits????  Would a shabby chic room be enough of a reason for him to say..”Umm…I think I’m hanging at campus this break?”  He reads this blog, so I must insert the I LOVE YOU to the moon and back and I am so proud of you at this time.

My J with David from the CSO and one of J's teachers this kid.

My J with David from the CSO and one of J’s teachers this summer….cool kid.

Life marches on……….now excuse me while I go look at Florida condo rates for well….can I leave today?  (PS…I love you Leebo and you know I can’t control myself where the beach is concerned.)