Mimi Adventures October Style

“What’s the longest you have been in Chicagoland since your move?”  That’s a real question from a real friend while eating breakfast on my latest Mimi Adventure.  I replied, “A month, I think.”  Given my adventures have become a vital part of my season, it’s time to catch folks up on the latest!

Fall break for our musical son was a few days ago.  After performing at a Saturday AM concert, it was time for him to board the plane to Chicagoland.  One thing we are trying to do is create new traditions in our new home.  This means, if you land in Chicagoland, the first stop is going to be Portillo’s!  I love the look on our musician’s face when he takes that first bite into the long-missed Chicago dog.  As most college kiddos, he was exhausted from the nonstop action from move-in day until now.  He had not had a break of any sorts since early June before he left for the Aspen Music Festival.  So, a trip to the house so he could begin the “vegging” process.  I love having him home.  There’s just something about the nest having one of its chicks back.  We really didn’t do much on his trip to Chicagoland….the musician had graduate applications to complete, essays to write and rest to be had (Seven applications/prescreens….the life of a music performance major.)….we did manage to take him for his first Top Golf experience at the new Naperville flagship location.  I believe he is a fan!  He took it to “The Trench!”  Before you could blink, his visit was over and it was time to head back to school.  It was great him being here to be part of the “Chicagoland” excitement over the CUBS!!!!!  He even got to hang out in the airport with a huge crowd as they watched the Tuesday night game win!!!

FullSizeRender-3 IMG_1588The kid being our Joshman!

It was a neat thing this break as I was scheduled to fly out the same afternoon our Joshman headed back to school!  It was Mimi time in Arkansas!!!

I landed, I took care of the rental car and I headed straight to the Embassy Suites for a night of rest. (PS-Rental cars at XNA are redonkulous!) I knew the next three days would be nonstop fun!  We did SO much! From just hanging out at the house, to an on-site field trip at E’s school, to lunches/dinners, Amazeum, shopping, parks, hide and go seek, teaching the finer points of tic-tac-toe, coloring, duck-duck-goose, cuddling on the couch, bathroom adventures…..seriously…best days!!!  They are growing so quickly and each have developed such unique, individual personalities.  I love how the two oldest call me Mimi, but Ella has decided she prefers the name from a book they read where the “Grandmother” wears glasses….cutest thing ever.  The giggles from all three are stored in my treasure box forever.  Kisses, hugs, hands being held….fighting over Mimi’s lap…aahhhh….as they saying goes, “my cup runneth over.”

IMG_1625 IMG_1672 IMG_1660 IMG_1679These kiddos are just so perfect.  Dancing in the store, modeling with the mannequin, amazement of a straw, and giggles for days at the dry ice exhibit.

I was so thankful that I was able to sneak in a little “friend” time in the middle of my Mimi Adventures.  Shelley, Kylee, Robin, Karilea, Carole, Anna, Marla, Chelsea/Mia….thank you for still treating me like family even though I went and moved away!  Technology  has been so wonderful during this transition.  I still feel connected to those peeps that I truly call family.  Bentonville is a special place for friendships….it truly is.

IMG_1692 IMG_1690

I was also thankful that I was able to visit my Mom while in Arkansas.  I have felt guilty on occasion for “leaving her,” but God has been so faithful to remind me she is not in the grave!  I still cannot believe it’s been two years.  Seems to be such a raw emotion, maybe it always will be.  She loved mums, so I just love how bright and “fall” this mum is by  her earthly memorial.


Finally back to Chicagoland after nonstop action.  My Leebo went with me yesterday to run a few errands after church.  I was playing in the Pandora store with their rings.  I quickly realized how much I loved the stacking of various rings.  Soon, I was asking for the tray in my size.  I played with SEVERAL combinations and this one was one I just couldn’t stop staring at.  I looked at my Leebo and said, “Early Happy Birthday?” Y’all can guess the rest of the story.  I LOVE IT five times (As the legendary Susan Goss would say.)


So, back to life in this season.  It’s super windy today and there’s much to be done before I begin the latest rounds of doctor appointments, testing, surgery.  Mimi Adventures are the best…and Arkansas will always hold a giant piece of my heart…or should I say me peeps in Arkansas….yes, that’s exactly what I will say!  Love you all to the moon and back!!!

Peace out…drink more coffee!

A Boppy and Mimi Day and a Josh Shout-Out

What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life. And, most importantly, cookies. ~Rudy Giuliani

The past couple of days have been pure bliss.  Boppy and Mimi have had tons of kisses, lots of hugs, a few boogers, and more fun than should be allowed!

The fun started Thursday as we all gathered at our go to place with the kids-Chick-Fil-A.  You just gotta love the service you are given, the reliability of the food and the play area…and the availability of sanitizing hand wipes!  (I’m that person who wipes the cart down at Wal-Mart, opens doors with my elbow, etc…yep-I’m that person!) Going to eat chicken nuggets and ice-cream and running around a play area just brings huge smiles to not only the kiddos, but also to their Boppy and Mimi.  (It also brings back such sweet memories of those times we spent with Meg and Josh when they were little.)  Little Ella is able to move around a bit to act like a big girl at the play area, but for the most part it’s E and B running full steam ahead.  Bird, Car, “that girl hit me”….ya  know…all the fun stuff!  One VERY concerning event was how our E was very upset that a boy would not play with her.  I quickly reminded her that boys were yucky and had cooties.  Boppy agreed.

Seriously, all boy!

Seriously, all boy!

Friday started with Mimi meeting Meg and the kids at this place with steeply discounted baby/kid items.  A line!  Upon entry, Mimi quickly realized this was not her cup of tea!  (I avoid TJMaxx, Marshals, etc…)  I honestly would have had to see something 80% off to justify the chaos!  Just give me Amazon or online ordering from anywhere …..Thankfully, we followed this event up with a trip to my favorite place to eat-Cracker Barrel.  Boppy was able to meet us so it was a great lunch!  This was followed by a quick trip to Old Navy where the fake dog at the front of the store was the highlight of the day for two of the kiddos.  The day quickly came to an end with a certain little boy laying down in the middle of the parking lot protesting the fact he had to leave the fake dog in the store.  Oh the joy of an almost two year old-but as a Mimi…I get to go home! The best purchase of the day according to a certain E-play-doh.  (I don’t think her Mommy agreed, but Mimi buys what E asks for!)

Saturday was spent working on a special surprise and then we had pizza and just fun play-time at the house.  Nothing is greater than seeing Ella giggle and crawl over to you reaching out for a hug….Blane sharing his lolly-pop with you or drawing beautiful pictures on the sidewalk with chalk….E and her Mimi and Boppy playing “crazy words” or when E so sweetly tells you that she wants to stay forever or when she thanks you for playing with her and telling you how much fun she had.

Scrabble or CRAZY WORDS!

Scrabble or CRAZY WORDS!

Being a Mimi and Boppy is the best….because you honestly are at a point you give those kiddos the best of you-all those lessons you learned in parenting in the trenches you get to use as a Mimi and Boppy.  You realize it’s the small stuff that matters…..the pretend play, the silly “Monster Tag”….the small stuff.

Mimi and Boppy are in a unique season though…we have this life and then we still have a kiddo of our own making his way in this world as a college student/emerging adult.  This kiddo, our Josh, was able to play percussion with the Nashville Philharmonic last night at the Schermerhorn Symphony Hall.  We could not be more proud of him…for everything he stands for, who he is, and what his future holds for him.  I honestly don’t know what God was thinking when He trusted us to raise this kiddo, but man…what a wonderful journey it has been!  It’s been almost eight weeks since we have seen him in person and the countdown is on to our relaxing getaway that he will be joining us at!  This Momma heart bursts with joy!

My Josh.

My Josh.

Ready to perform.

Ready to perform.

So, today has been a personal post…probably of little interest to anyone other than the two folks sitting at home today due to being heathens skipping church. (It’s DNow weekend and we thought we would leave today to those kiddos!)  I did get some grocery shopping done while in my pj’s!  (Thank you Wal-Mart Pickup!!!)

Look forward to a new feature starting weekly this coming Friday!!!  For my RRP followers, we will be highlighting a RRP patient/family member/practitioner etc every other Friday! Haven’t come up with a catchy name for it yet, but I’m sure my RRP family will quickly give me ideas!

That’s all for today folks!

Don’t get stuck in a moment!


A Coffee and Mimi Rambling….Ella’s Day

Today, I wanted to take this space to celebrate our adorable Ella.  Ella is our third grandchild and well, she turns one today!!!!

Ella Smiles

Ella Smiles

Now, I’m not sure how it happened, but I have the three most adorable grandchildren in the entire world. Each with their very own unique personality, but all three with the most infectious smile you can imagine. Our daughter, because she is superwoman, had three children in three years and the youngest two are about 11 1/2 months apart. So, to say any outing is an adventure is an understatement….but adorable….oh my. Can you just kiss and squeeze those little cheeks all day!!!!????


Today is Ella’s day! No longer a baby and now an official toddler….soon she will be tackling the hallways of high school…no really, it does go by that quickly. How many of us are sitting at home today wondering where in the world those eighteen years went with each child??

Ella's Mommy

Ella’s Mommy

Being a Mimi is awesome. Take being a parent, remove all the muck and daily yuck, and then add that your only job is to spoil and love and teach…and BOOM! Best job ever! So, to our daughter, thank you for sharing these kiddos with us…and to Ella…HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL!!!! You are loved to the moon and back and forever and always….

Ella, one year ago....

Ella, one year ago….

Poppy (Boppy) and Mimi