Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis Foundation…Social Media Roll-Out




It’s official.  The RRPF is rolling out on social media.  There has been a support group page on Facebook for a good while now, but an official social media presence was not widely available.  We now have a one stop page where you can donate to the RRPF, setup a fundraiser that is shareable on all of your social media platforms, and access the latest information from RRPF and a quick link to the RRPF website.  Unlike the support pages that are closed groups, the RRPF Facebook Organization Page is shareable!  That means we are counting on you to share it with your social media.  Awareness begins on the ground floor, and we, the members of the community are the ground floor!

In the coming days, look for a roll-out of “Get To Know ___” series.  We will highlight RRP community members, board members, active researchers, etc…

Another plus of the RRPF Organization Page is that we have privacy set so that those acting as administrators do have to approve posts before they go up.  Since it is a public page, we wanted to be certain we kept any potential issues off the page!

So, as you sit sipping your coffee today, won’t you join us and help broaden our following?  Share the @RRPFORG page, follow @RRPFORG on Twitter, follow @RRPFORG on Instagram….

Consider starting a fundraiser. RRPF is a research focused organization and the funds received are going directly back to the RRP community in research support.  There are no paid members within the RRPF, it’s 100% volunteer supported.

Another exciting development that is in the early stages of rolling out is a pulmonary exclusive arm of the RRPF.  A group charged with one purpose-pulmonary RRP.  We all are well aware of the  mortality associated with pulmonary RRP, and many believe the ultimate cure for RRP will come from pulmonary research!  This team will function under the RRPF.

It’s an exciting time for the RRPF and we are excited that you, the community, friends, family, now have a shareable platform to bring awareness, gather information, and help with the fundraising goals of the organization!

While We Breathe, We Hope!!!

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