So many words, yet none come out

I sit here thinking today would be a great day to update on my Avelumab journey.  For tiny glimmers of hope seem to be occurring….

And then…my mind races over to what can only be referred to as a Civil War amongst Christians in America.  My heart aches.  I’ve chosen my side….and there will likely be a cost.

I get up, thinking maybe a refocus is what I need….gather my thoughts while working on my Bible study.  Yet, I sit and concentration, focus isn’t there….my mind drifts to the pictures of children desiring refuge, parents unable to be with their sick child….and my time sitting with a neatly published Bible study seems so cheap, so fake.

I don’t dare turn on cable news….choosing to gather information from true journalism…those that investigate what is occurring around us.  And it’s literally a bombardment of facts…..coming so rapidly, how can anyone come up for air to just get a time out from the chaos developing-the talks of war.

So, I come back to the keyboard.  Celebrating my tiny health milestone seems petty.  It seems almost cruel to cry out in celebration over my tiny steps, when I think of those just across an ocean or even in my own state…that cannot gain access to what I am so fortunate to have access to.

A world is crying out for hope…..and all I can see as I sit here today are grenades being tossed by those meant to share hope.

So, I sit.  All I have to today is the offering of what I know to be true.

Jesus, loves us all….and we are all created as equals in His eyes.  Monetary gain is earthly, but a heart that is so open to others, well, it’s an unending treasure chest.  I sit on the promise that I know Christ is so vast, He does not need any government making him the law of the land-nor does He want it.  He reigns as King…period.

Maybe that is all today is for…my sitting on that promise of who He is and what He has called me to do…..and not to do.



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