Musings of the MIA

Winter has finally let go of her grip in the Windy City.  While the temperature is still not to this Southern Gal’s liking, we are on a positive track towards “wiggle your toes” weather.  All around me I’ve heard, “Oh, the past two winters have been mild.”  Let’s clarify what mild means to Kimmielou…..mild is 50’s in the winter…not high 20’s.  Clearly, we have a language barrier.  Ok, enough of me lamenting winter.  At least I am fair…..I lamented winter when I lived further south too.  I’m an equal opportunity lamenter.

Life has been slow for the most part, with the occasional perk of activity.  The big news of the day is our baby boy has walked across that college stage…college diploma one is in the onward to the Eastman School of Music in the fall for that masters!  It was a whirlwind of stress and excitement during the auditions, waiting for results, choosing where to go.  When you have whittled away at your “Josh, we would love to have you” options and are staring at Eastman and Juilliard as the last two standing…..well….our kiddo went with his heart…his dream school since tenth grade.  I joke that he is basically going to school in Canada..I mean for real…I think you can see Canada from the shore of the lake on the Rochester, NY side.  (Hey…if you can see Russia from Alaska….this has to be true too.)  IMG_2819

The health saga is still in gear, but as it has become clear no one knows what to do about it…I’ve chosen to kinda ignore it for the summer.  If it works for the ostrich, it can work for me as well.  My secret plan (idea) is that the rapture is going to take place very soon and the issue will resolve itself.  (Seriously…you gotta admit..when you see this insanity we call our “Presidential Election” process….end times make a whole lot of sense.) (That’s about ten blog posts that well, I won’t even dare start….)

I suppose the highlight in the hacienda these days is my “I’m kinda joking…or not” on tiny houses or some modular type home on an acre of land…simple life….I think of my Aunt and Uncle in the Pickwick area…and they have lived what we call ” a simple life” for all of their lives and seem blissfully happy..even in the storms of life.  Things most of us fret over..well…not even part of their day.  My perfect idea is for each family member to own their own tiny house, connected with walkways…and then a wall around our “compound.”  I mean, we gotta think ahead to the zombie apocalypse.  Better to be prepared..and I am told my TN family has quiet the ammunition stockpile.


The Struggle Towards Summer Is Real In Chicago…..

Outside of these musings and well, my joy in getting to hear Christine Caine speak (for free) and being able to worship live with Christy Nockels…life is rolling along.

So, that’s the excitement in this household of late.  My babies are growing up way too quickly…miss them daily…my kiddos are getting older and I’m still staying 40 (It’s a miracle.)….now I must go…time to look at more tiny houses and where I can park it on the beach..for the rest of forever.