Texas Update

Rather than tie up the Facebook feed of those who aren’t awaiting an update, the blog seemed more user friendly.

MD Anderson is a lot of hurry up and wait and downtime. I cannot begin to imagine the caseload of different departments, so I am not upset about the gaps from one appointment or test to the next. I looked around yesterday and realized there are many there that need to be seen much more quickly than little Kim. Thankfully, I was told what to expect from someone about a month ago.

Dr. Fossella is all that his hype says he is. What is even more remarkable is how he has maintained the ability to relate to the patient. He has already added another department to the team and due to who he wanted, that does mean another trip. The rest of this week involves testing and a follow-up on Friday afternoon.

Some of you have asked which I preferred. Mayo or MD Anderson. The approach to the patient is radically different, yet the knowledge base specific to cancer and benign tumor growths….I just don’t think it gets any better than Texas. I loved the Mayo way. I loved the Mayo vibe. I love the deep level of knowledge of my health issue at MD Anderson. I can see if a patient came here without years of medical background…it could be overwhelming. Forty-three years of surgery kinda loses that overwhelming sensation in any medical situation. So, I don’t prefer one over the other. Two different models.

So, a short visit tomorrow and a very long day on Friday. The goal this week is for the areas of concern not to read any more active than they were on the last PET scan. When that question is answered, the plan will become more clear.

Peace out from Texas!!! Land that I Love.

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