Nine Months To Go….and Then, It is Done.

In less than nine months, we will watch our youngest child walk across the graduation stage as he is presented as a 2016 college graduate.  I sit here typing the words in disbelief that the end of this season is really that close to being done.  Our season as parents of a “student” and his season as a student still tied financially to his parents.  The days between his first day at Noah’s Ark, to his finals days at his college….in the time it takes for a flash of light to be seen.

We just helped him move back to campus this week.  So  much joy and excitement as the clock ticked down to the first day of senior year classes.  Stopping for moments to just soak it all in….this season as a parent.  Knowing that his next move-in will be to graduate school where he will not be tied to the confines of university dates…but to his own schedule and life with obligations that are in his name.  Knowing he is “this close” to the leg of his journey where he is truly being prepared for job auditions…..that at some point our baby became this man who is so close to his dreams being reality.  And I will treasure these final days of this season…and he will as well.

Sitting across the table from him at lunch and learning that two fellow Aspen Music Festival students won’t be completing their journey..their they were tragically killed in a car wreck on the way to their destinations after the AMF.  Two kids, two men….that in the blink of an was over.  I found  myself sitting there thanking God over and over for protecting Josh in every moment of his day.  I sat there grieving for the parents of those two kids, the two men.  Being quickly reminded to treasure each day of this season…to not be so worried about it ending that I, Josh, miss the moments along the way…because tomorrow isn’t promised and today is to be lived and celebrated.

The clock is ticking….celebration one…he is on campus safe.  Celebration two…principal chair for his ensembles. Celebration three…he loves his school.  Celebration four….he has had such affirmation this summer that he is on the right path…that his dreams can happen.  Celebration five….he still is our baby boy…always will be…but he is now a man…learning how to navigate the world on his terms.

So, maybe it’s not none months to go, and then, it’s done.  Maybe, just maybe, it’s really nine months to go and then it begins.

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