Woot, Woot, Ten Thousand!

Ok, for those of you with blogs that hit 10K visitors or more a month, please give me this moment.  In less than a year since that first blog, I have hit over 10K views.  That’s mind-boggling to me that the musings of an empty-nester mom with a heavy addiction to coffee (Caffeine, in general.) has had more than just her family stop by to see what’s up.

I still honestly don’t know what I am doing….and that’s ok.  Maybe I’ll publish some crazy cat picture and go viral….wait…I don’t have a cat.  Ok, so I won’t go viral….I’ll just keep on jabbering about whatever is on this little brain of mine on the day I say..hey, let’s write for a bit.

Have a fantastic Thursday…this day, this moment will never come again.  Make it count!

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