Time-looking forward, but missing today?

In this world that seems to have so little these days that is definite, concrete, “for sure”….time has not succumbed to the evolutionary sways of people.  Time is finite.  We wake up each day with a set number of minutes, hours, seconds….and each of us wakes each day with no knowledge if tomorrow will even come.  Time is finite.  It’s finite in how it is placed on our calendar that is on our phone, our computer, our desk….it’s certain.

As I look towards the balance of June and into the next two months of summer, I realize time is ticking much more quickly that I recall even five years ago.  June is full.  August is a milestone month, so July seems to be quietly hanging out for now.  Then the anticipation of the cooler breezes of September and all the activities that begin as school starts back and nature gently renews herself in her march towards her winter slumber.  Then we look up and it’s Christmas and the start of another year.  Where does time go?

Maybe, just maybe, time is marching by more quickly because I am knee-deep into adult.  Maybe it’s because I have become so focused on looking at what’s coming ahead, that I have lost focus on counting the seconds of today.  In all the seasons that make up a life…have we all become so used to watching for that next milestone or next event that we have missed today?  Just sat and enjoyed the finite time of today.

It’s summer….the perfect time to stop, just look at today’s date on the calendar and simply enjoy.  Tomorrow will come soon enough.

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