An Orange Theory…AKA “This is going to kill me.” – Update One

So, it seems three to four times a week, I somehow manage to get down our stairs into the garage and head over to Orange Theory for the hour long…..well….it’s a WORK-out.  Don’t get me wrong.  Once there, as I see my blue turn to green..then to orange and the sweat begins to be everywhere and I am confident I won’t make it the entire class….I’m glad I came!

The weight training exercises are becoming less foreign to me.  I can actually do most without extra instruction (The old person needs extra help-me.) …..but… bring out those bands…and well….you might as well be asking me to program the DVD player!  Help!  After a few tries with the trainer…I am on the right track.  I’ve gone up on most weights and can already tell some major changes in my abs and my calves and in my arms.  All Burpee form of events have to be modified for me in order to prevent Mr. Menieres from showing up…but so far I don’t feel cheated by any of the modifications.  Honestly, that’s one thing that i have loved about OT.  Modifications are readily available on almost everything based on your physical condition, limitations etc…and  you won’t feel like you are getting less of a workout.

The Water-Rower.  It’s either going to kill me, or I will kill it.  I switched up this past week so that instead of starting on the treadmill, I now start on the rower.  I found I just didn’t have anything left to give when I saved the water-rower for after the treadmill block.  Still struggling keeping my heels down during the row, but I noticed I finally got my wattage up today!  Small steps…big results!  Not going to sugar-coat this….300-500 meter rows then straight into weights and then back on the rowers and back to weights…repeat…until that block is over…..well..IT IS HARD!  I seem to stay in the orange for the majority of this block.  Nate and Andrea have been so patient with me and have really worked hard to make sure I get the hang of the rowers.

Treadmill.  “So this is how they are meant to be used???!!!!!!”  It’s interval training on the treadmill.  Endurance, power, just never know what the day will be.  I have already had to go up a bit on my speed at base and push and I can’t hang out with a 4-5 incline on push anymore.  Well, I guess I can, but I like that green and orange!  I’ve become quiet agile in jumping out to the sides of the treadmill when we go from all-out to base.  I’m already realizing at some point…I will move up to jogger…for now…I’ll just keep pushing that incline!  BTW….12 incline at 4MPH is a tough all-out!

Changes I am seeing….I think one of the biggest things is my core is getting stronger.  I can tell when I am sitting and standing. I can also see HUGE improvements in the cellulite areas.  Yes….one might say I am skinny fat.  I have also noticed it’s getting easier to bring my heart rate back down.  It’s been almost a month since this all began.  Crazy.

Now….y’all remember I said I wasn’t weighing.  Well….had my primary care appointment last week and they weighed me.  I was down three pounds.  I haven’t made any huge changes to my diet…I do drink more water and I do find I eat more healthy on workout days…if you don’t… feel awful!

So….I think OT is a good fit for Kimmielou.  It keeps me honest…cause if I schedule and don’t show…well…I’m charged!

It was a hard workout today and I think I have earned a treat….coffee and a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie.  See ya later!

Don't be a chicken....workout!

Don’t be a chicken….workout!

2 thoughts on “An Orange Theory…AKA “This is going to kill me.” – Update One

  1. Hi! I came across your blog while researching Orange Theory. Thanks for your posts! I joined last week and had my fourth class last night. I am significantly heavier than you and have ZERO motivation when it comes to at-home workouts or a traditional gym, so I am hoping to see some major changes with these workouts. So far, I really, REALLY like it. Like you said, that no-show charge is pretty motivating as well.

    P.S. – I haaaaaaaaaate the rowing machine, but learned from day one to ALWAYS start the workout on it. I WILL conquer that darn thing eventually! 🙂


    • Jamie,
      Thanks for reading!!! Health isn’t about weight! It’s about getting that heart in great shape and by being the best YOU! I have found it to be a great way to commit. One hour..I can do one hour! (Granted, some days I am watching that clock!!) I, too, have found starting on the rowers helps! Also, try a 3G class! I love them!! You don’t have the back and forth as much…which my ADD self adores! Keep me posted and best wishes to the best you!


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