Hot Dogs and Cake and a Pear

I’ve been eating my feelings…no truer words than those right there.  Toss in living in a new area with delicious food and well…you get the idea.  Kim is turning into a pear due to those hot dog and chocolate cake moments.  (And butter croissant vanilla bread pudding, and banana bread french toast…you get the picture.)

I first thought..hmm…wonder if I can find an all female work-out place like I used in Bentonville, “Body by Kelly.”  Not one close. Next.  Hmm…wonder if I can maybe just going a gym and do the trainer route….well….at 85.00 a session and the gym fee and then me having to have the “Umph” to get up and get in the car and go….Next.  So, a few days ago, while at lunch with a new friend, she mentioned Daily Burn.  Curiosity peaked.  Research done.  Free trial started.

Today is day two.  So far, I must say…I like it.  I like the simplicity of the nutrition information/guides, I like the way the program is broken up into several levels and I especially like the price!  Having been out of the workout mode for a good while now due to constant Menieres episodes, I opted to really start with the basic…the True Beginner.  I know my back and range of motion need to wake up and this will help prevent me from quitting out of discouragement or because I hurt myself.  Y’all, I truly believe ANYONE could start with this program.

So, as I continue, I will blog occasionally about where we are at….what program I am on…and well….if my pear becomes a little less “pear like.”  I’m adding some hand weights to the program just to increase the level on my upper body…but other than that…I’m doing exactly as told.  You are given modification examples and encouraged to just keep moving…and even given tidbits to help you know if you are doing the exercise correctly.

Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Hot Dogs and Cake and a Pear

  1. I am curious about Daily Burn and I’m looking forward to hearing more about your journey with their program. Good job taking that first step to get started.


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