Snow Days

I miss snow days with kiddos.  I miss the excitement as they watched for their school name to scroll across the screen with the word “Closed” beside it.  Snow days as an adult…..mostly just an annoyance.  All the things that must be done, still have to be done…and without kiddos to play with…’s pretty hard to declare “a snow day.”

I say all this to those out in Facebook land certain another snow day with the kiddos might send your sanity into orbit.  Stop.  Slow down.  Tomorrow..well…tomorrow’s stuff will be there.  Trust me when I tell day very soon…you will miss snow days…all the sibling fighting, the wet clothes, the numb nose from being outside too long…all of it.  You will miss it.  Before you can blink, they will not want to sled with you, but with their friends….then blink again and their snow days are spent with the college friends miles away…blink again….and that season is fully over and snow days are just another day of the week…you don’t even watch the closings as the scroll across the screen.

Kiddos are ours for really such a short time….you really do miss every single moment once it’s over.

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