See Ya In A Bit….

For me??

The move is complete.  I am now a resident of Illinois…well…not legally…still gotta take care of that pesky issue of getting cars registered here and changing our ID’s and IRS information…but our belongings are here and the bank says we live here.  It’s pretty official.

Today’s post is mostly just to say how thankful I am for the friendships God so blessed me with in Arkansas.  This post today, is for them.  To Stephanie, thank you for coming into all of our lives and for always having that camera ready to go!  (Had to give her a shout-out…without her camera…this post would not be possible today.)

To my Southaven peeps, if you look closely, you will see our very own Mrs. Logan from SHS!  Yes….a grown-up friend.  So cool how life works that way sometimes.

Carole Howard, you were there in spirit!  To those who had illness and such come up, just know I felt all your love.  I’m not sure if there’s a pic of the other side of the table or not, but I was simply overwhelmed that so many of you took time out of your week to come see little ole me.  I have loved each gift in my “warm and fuzzy” basket….I guess it’s just best to leave it this:



3 thoughts on “See Ya In A Bit….

  1. This Arky gal is missing her newly “Northernized” friend. ❄⛄
    Glad to know we will see each other in the next little bit. As quickly as time seems to fly it will feel like a few days!! There IS an upside to the flying of time! Good to know! 😉
    Love you my “furrever friend!”
    (Couldn’t resist….heeheehee!) 💜


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