The Move is Here……

In about eighteen hours, the moving company will show up to begin the process of moving our life in Arkansas to our new home….Illinois.  I’m sitting in my very familiar house right now simply cherishing that familiarity.  Knowing the quirks of every little nook and cranny.

I just got in today from a week in Illinois.  There were moments that were exciting, such as finding the most amazing grocery store-Mariano’s.  Yet, those amazing moments were outnumbered by all the ones that you just felt “out of place.”  Everything is so foreign and unknown.  There were those moments, such as finding a Chick-Fil-A or seeing a Wal-Mart where I didn’t feel like that new kid at school.  Then, there were those moments where you walk into somewhere that is full of regulars and you instantly feel the eyes looking your way.  Again, the new kid at school.  I suppose right  now it’s sorta like that first day of school as you walk into the cafeteria.  Which group is going to let you sit with them?  Ask you to sit with them?

It is hard to believe that in just over a week, I was able to quickly weed out several suburbs…and we kept coming back to three…and one kept standing out above the rest.  I won’t bore with you with the details of our housing search, but God clearly took care of this and He had it planned from the beginning….I panicked…..and I shouldn’t have.  Twelve months….then we will be heading into closing on our Illinois home…fairly certain it will be Wheaton….but it could be in area close by.  It will just take time to see where we find friends, find a church….feel most at home.  Housing, for now, is way out of  my comfort zone…but I know, especially given how easy it was to acquire, that this is where God wanted us the entire time.  Time to put on my big girl panties and make a town my home.

So, that’s my pity party part of this post.

The good news.  Lee loves his new job.  He is a fixer and he has plenty to do!  The company has been so wonderful to us through this entire process. That’s a God thing.  Family matters.  I matter, because I am married to Lee and Lee works for the company.

More good news.  Everyone that knows me knows I am a grocery store snob.  Mariano’s….oh my goodness….I am in love.  I seriously, no joking, had tears in my eyes as I walked in.  A great grocery store can inspire a cook….inspire a wife….you see beautiful products…well, you just can’t wait to see what you can do with them.  The prices were great and the service was incredible.  I can see me walking in, going to the right to get me a hot tea, then beginning my shopping.

Even better news.  Ya’ll, I am going to love the ease of getting to those things you go to on a weekly/daily basis.  I will miss the dark nights living in Bella Vista has provided, but I am overjoyed to know that my longest drive is seven miles for anything I could possibly need.  (And that’s downtown Naperville, which will likely by our Saturday night go to spot.)

Snow isn’t so bad when it doesn’t stop life.  I honestly had quit noticing it on the ground by mid-week.  The cold is tolerable…it’s just a matter of down and the right footwear.  Down is my friend…as are my Sorel boots.  Oh and gloves and a scarf.

I think I kinda stick out….so I’m going with that as good news.  If I stick out, then more will reach out-right???  Lee and I were wondering if we had a sign on us that said, “we are new, ” the other night.  I am ok with glances by folks as they try to figure out who you are….but a couple of folks…I’m calling it full out stalker stare.

There’s a Benefit bar in downtown Naperville…and that’s great news.  Good eyebrows are a must.

We have started our pizza tasting…and first one was Giordarno’s.  Tasty.  Very tasty…..although, I have been told very loudly that Lou’s is the best.  Guess that is next.

Portello’s…..enough said.  Geez…I don’t even like hotdogs and found myself craving this on more than one occasion!

I return that way this coming weekend….and then it will be a matter of storage and unpacking life for this part of our journey.  New doctors, new everything…and gasp, a new hairdresser. Considering trying Free Evangelical churches they seem to most line up with the SBC doctrine.  Wonder if they have assigned seating too?  🙂

So, life is moving along….I can either stay stuck or move with it.  I think I may stay stuck for a couple of days…but I know I have to move with it.

I’ll update as it goes…but soon…expect more than just what’s going on with me posts….

Hugs and Kisses….

How can you not love this?

How can you not love this?

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