A Life In Transition

Just a quick update of a promise of a long blog entry this coming weekend.

Lessons already learned in two days:
1. Finding a temporary rental is much different than in Northwest Arkansas. What? Builders here don’t rent brand new homes? It takes how many days for approval????
2. It snowed Sunday evening/night. Nothing stops. Nothing closes early. Trucks are out during the snow spraying who knows what….but roads are clear!
3. A hot dog can be worth the wait. Sadly, I missed the memo to get the chocolate cake. Will remedy that today.
4. REI and I are now best friends. Smartwool socks and a pair of new Sorel boots. My feet are ready….come on winter!

Lastly, I am quickly learning how friendly everyone here is. This area gets major brownie points as not one single person has asked a question about my voice or mimicked me. Pretty awesome.

Now, if I could just find a place to live for twelve months.

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