Paper and Paper Cuts

Today’s entry is of little importance in the grand scheme of things, but I felt the compelling need as I sipped my freshly brewed coffee to lament today’s biggest issue in my life.  (Speaking of coffee, my sister gave me a bag of coffee from Muletown Roasted Coffee in Columbia, TN and it is VERY tasty!!!  You should buy some!)

There are boxes and tape and tape-guns and sharpies and bubble wrap and packing paper everywhere these days.  My house looks a tad like a war-zone and I really have felt sorry for the trash guys each week as they pick up our trash. I am confident they are wondering where in the world this hoarder came from.

Today’s issue is that packing paper and the bodily injury it is causing me.  How in the world can something so light, so thin cause such injury!!!  I imagine my hands are beginning to look like those that one would assume belonged to Edward Scissorhands.  Paper cuts, well, they hurt.  They shouldn’t.  It’s not deep, but the way that paper slices through that top layer of skin…ouch!

So, that’s today’s entry.  Much-a-do about nothing!  Paper cuts.

This stuff....should come with a warning label!

This stuff….should come with a warning label!

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