Change…..if you look at the dictionary, you can find no less than twenty different ways to use the word “change.”  In the end though, it all comes to do something different…not the same as before.  Sometimes change is good, sometimes it isn’t, sometimes change leads to something better even if it seems pretty elusive during the initial moments.

Life is about change.  A toddler is not the same as an infant, a high school student is not the same as a fifth grader…….the wife you are after 25 years is not the same as the wife the walked up the aisle after saying “I do.”  (This is a good thing, btw!) Change.

Christine Caine has a saying about “not getting stuck in a moment.”  That whole statement comes down to change.  X event happens and you either leave the same…stuck…or you change…to grow.

The way the people react around you to change is rather curious as well.  As change occurs, you will have some cheering you on as you walk one foot in front of the other in that change…or you may have others that seem to try to put super glue at every step….change for you can mean unwanted change for others.  I remember how that feeling of unwanted change swept over me as my daughter was preparing to marry.  I did not want that change.  I wanted to keep her longer.  Change still came…with or without my support or cheerleader attitude.  Looking back, I was being the super glue…change.

As I sat in church today, watching another Sunday of something so much bigger than any of us humans can understand, I began to think of how the church has changed.  God’s hasn’t…but the church has.  What if the church had clinged so tightly to the rules of the 1800’s….again…God’s word hasn’t changed..not one bit…but the rules…those aren’t God’s rules….most of what we do by ritual nature at church is created by man.  Just as we no longer birth our babies out in the fields during harvest season, we don’t do the same things in church.  We don’t sing the same songs…or at least the same version…and we don’t remove members from the role when they fall down….Jesus doesn’t remove us….

So, change is all around us.  Some of it is impacting us directly moment by moment…while other change is something that we barely notice.  (Sorta like the shrinking boxes of cereal, but the price remains the same….kinda didn’t notice.)

Change is happening all around this house…in this house….and more is to come….(that blog post is coming very soon).  Change is happening in my church….in my town….all around in ways that I can’t even comprehend.

By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going.  Hebrews 11:8

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