Christmas Past

It’s been a busy shopping season in this house.  Not for my own personal list, but shopping as part of Santa’s crew for the Christmas Store at our church.  If you have not walked the toy aisles in a few years, I want to encourage you to do so….man…there’s some really cool stuff now!  (And some not so cool stuff too, but we will just look away.)  I have to admit, I am VERY thankful both of my kiddos were kids before the age of electronic technology really took off and that they have memories of life without gadgets…ya know…real play type toys under the tree.  Toys that allow imagination and creativity….toys that are a zillion pieces and Santa stays up all night making sure it’s put together perfectly.

All this shopping in the toy section got me to thinking back on my childhood Christmas’.  There were some years we had a tree with presents spilling out half way into the den, then there were other years where one or two gifts was all there was.  I don’t remember 85% of what I ever was given for Christmas, but I do think we all have that “one” gift we remember forever.  Today, my Christmas Past story is to remember that special gift.  I can’t wait to hear what your Christmas Past story is…..

I cannot recall my age, but I do recall we were in Baytown.  To this day, I remember my Barbie dream house!  Ken and Barbie had it going on!  Living large!  To me, who lived in an apartment most of her childhood, that dream house was truly a dream house.

Not mine, but this is it.

Not mine, but this is it.

The life of luxury all in pink…I mean..what wasn’t to love!  I don’t know how this gift was kept secret from me as I was the queen of snooping.  I was the kid who would seek out gifts around the home and even if wrapped, I had the skills of a Ninja…I almost always knew what was under the tree or in the Easter basket before that morning!

That’s the gift…that one gift out of probably a hundred over the years that stands out….a pink, plastic house that is home to an anatomically impossible figure. My heart smiles.

While we are talking about Christmas Past memories and such….this is the second Christmas without my Mom.  She loved Christmas…..worked on her tree for probably a month.  Growing up, we may not have had much, but we had some beautiful Christmas trees.  Some years they would be flocked a certain color and everything on it would be color coordinated.  Some years, I gasp thinking about the clean-up as an adult, those silver icicles would be tossed on in a deliberate pattern.  Now that Mom is gone, I can see a lot more of her in myself and the Christmas tree…well….while not as “intense”, I do carry-on the controlling nature of decorating the tree and the obsession with enough lights to guide Rudolph across the globe.  I am so thankful that in her last decade she made these beautiful glass, hand-painted ornaments.  My tree is full of them today and because of that, I know as long as those ornaments are hanging….she is celebrating here with us.

Oh how I remember...

Oh how I remember…

Hope you are enjoying the hustle and bustle of the Season and may we always remember that it’s not about presents under the tree, or how many party invites you get….it’s about the gift given to us in Christ and about the party invite we have in Heaven….that ultimate celebration!

Merry Christmas….and let’s just admit that Barbie is really cool!

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