Happy Birthday Bubbie

Happy Birthday Blane!

Happy Birthday Blane!

Bubbie, “Blane”, turns two today!  One year and one month younger than his big sis, and eleven months older than his little sis, this little man is ten pounds of sugar, three spring tornadoes, and a whole lot of fun rolled up into one little human.  He is the one that runs and grabs that hug the minute he sees his Boppy and Mimi then quickly returns to whatever mayhem he was involved in prior.  He is a huge fan of cars and finds balls to be  hilarious.  He hasn’t quiet grasped the fact you cannot throw everything like it was a ball, so if it can be tossed or thrown (he has a rocket launcher for an arm)….get ready…it’s flying!

So, today, this family celebrates our “Bubbie.”  Blane you are a gift and we love you to the moon and back.

Boppy and Mimi

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