Florida, Florida, Florida….Happy Dance

It’s almost here!  The pilgrimage to the panhandle of Florida!  Oh how my heart jumps for joy as I think of the powder soft white sand between my toes…..the warm clear blue-green water against my ankles (Footnote-Kim’s theory is above my knee…I become part of the food chain and that’s just  not appealing to me!)….the breeze as it gently blows across your face….the sounds of the water gently coming onto shore…the smell of the salt air….the glorious, wonderful, heavenly selection of fresh gulf seafood….a full week of no responsibilities, no cares, no concerns, and very little cell phone activity!

So, today, enjoy some memories of days gone by….and look for a few posts that are ready to go over the next few days!  Peace Out…and please don’t set up your chair and umbrella in front of mine……I called dibs!

Florida, my happy place....

Florida, my happy place….

IMG_2999 IMG_3000 IMG_3004 IMG_3017 IMG_3021 IMG_3024 IMG_3035 IMG_3063 IMG_3064 IMG_3077 IMG_3107 IMG_3114

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