The Red Cup, The Crown and Miss America


Miss America is my super bowl.  I look forward to it each year and believe the Miss America Organization is a great avenue for young women to pursue excellence and obtain scholarships.  Yes, I know the negatives….our family knows them first hand; BUT, I am here to tell you that any negative is crushed by the positives that this organization can bring to a young woman.  We are a former MAO family.  Our daughter competed at the state level and was top ten and a prelim winner. 

abc crown

So, here’s my take on Miss America 2015…short version.

Being from Arkansas, I was rooting for our girl simply for the fact she was one of ours.  What I didn’t expect was to fall in love with her as the night went on.  She would have been an incredible Miss America, but I am confident she will be coming home just as excited to keep her job as Miss Arkansas.  (Miss America is a grueling job.  Judges know this and that’s what they are looking for-the girl who can do the job.)  I believe any of the top five last night could have done the job.

What I loved about the top five!  With the exception of Florida, none of the girls were “super hyped.”  New York was a bit, but when your state organization has won two in a row……you get to be hyped!  I didn’t sense “pageant patty” in any of the girls.  I love that!  Miss America and our state winners….they have to be real, genuine, VERY well spoken, quick on their feet, able to adapt to changing situations….they are basically the face of the organization.  The voice of the organization.  One sour winner or pageant patty traveling across the state/nation…there goes the brand, the sponsors, the reputation.

Talent.  Ok, here’s the deal to my non-pageant followers:  talent matters, but talent does not make your winner.  A consistent girl will win every single time.  (Look at last night’s top five-all were consistent!) Being excellent in just one area will never win the crown.  Being average in just one area won’t keep you from a crown.  (Unless that area is interview…and it will keep you from the crown.) The question to ask today is, “Was I entertained?”  That answer is YES!  That’s the talent portion of Miss America!

Red Cup-At first, I was going “really??”  Then…..look at her face as she performs it. Pure JOY!  She wasn’t a horrible vocalist.  Decent.  Good enough when you factored in her other areas. OSQ showed she likely had a good interview.  (PS-those TV OSQ’s are NOT scored-just the ones in prelims.)  Kids across America will relate to her and her talent…and that folks….that’s what Miss America is all about.  It’s not about black-tie affairs, or corporate meetings about sponsorship-it’s about getting to America’s kids and letting them know, especially girls, you can DREAM AND DREAM BIG if you are willing to do the work!  A HUGE portion is spent with CMN-she’s gotta be kid friendly!

I thought Ashton had it won after Florida was called, but I can totally see how Miss New York won too.  Let’s never forget that wonderful final ballot.  Sometimes, it can toss a monkeys wrench into things…but any one of those top five girls would have been an outstanding Miss America…and that’s what the judges are for at Miss America.  Give us the five who can do the job…and the rest is history.  Ashton has won over $40,000 in scholarships just at the Miss level……I think she is doing ok!

So, for every little girl out there who dreams of being Miss America….keep on dreaming!  Work hard!  Be your best self!  That’s the secret-be who you are at your best!

Our baby girl having her moment at Miss Arkansas.

Our baby girl having her moment at Miss Arkansas.

To those who are having a wonderful time bashing the girl(s), system, etc…..from experience I tell you that it’s probably the hardest thing you can possibly imagine to win a local, win state and just get to that Miss America stage.  It’s a pageant. What you don’t see is behind the doors….the work that goes into competing and being a title holder.

I love the crown.  I love Miss America.  Just a nice reminder that in our ever changing world…we have a constant in our pop culture.

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