Friends and Laughs and Celebrations

Friend: a person you like or enjoy being around.

I like to think it’s those folks who make you feel as if your cup runneth over!  

friends jens

Last night, some of my “people” had the honor of attending a “End of Cancer” party for the daughter of one of the gals in our little posse.  As indicated in the picture above, we may have been slightly obsessed with the photo booth. This party was so much fun! This morning, I am awake just in awe of how blessed I am to be surrounded by so many amazing gals.  Not all my “people” are in these pictures, but a good many are.  This post is for anyone in my “people group.”  You know who you are and you are loved to the moon and back!  

There’s something so sweet about friendship.  Take a group of folks that are so incredibly different, yet so incredibly alike…toss them together through a series of events such as moves, children, life experiences….and boom!  “Your people.”  Then the sweet spot of getting a little bit older….having those friendships that sometimes cross into your different social groups, and having the friendships that may not and realizing it’s ok!  Those relationships that you can go months without a single word, then one day you talk and it’s as if you see one another daily.  Aaaahhh….the sweet spots of life.

Friends that have known you for thirty-five years, twenty years, fifteen years, one year, or just a few months… is fuller because of them.  They each add that little “something” you never knew was missing until they became part of “your people.”  I’ve always been of the mindset if you journey through this life with just one good are rich.  So, this morning, I am feeling a tad rich…and a whole lot of undeserving….”My people” are amazing and I am grateful for the laughter they bring to my life…and the fun…and the shoulders when life gets cruddy….I am grateful for the time spent over countless lunch dates….but most of all, I am grateful for folks who love me for me and I hope I do the same for them.  

So, if you are in the picture above, thanks for a night of laughs and thanks for NOT laughing at my feeble dancing attempt.  Sherry Clutter Raines, you will be happy to know that has not changed in thirty-five years. Kim can’t groove!  For those I love not in the pic….let’s make sure we get one the next time we are together!  Let’s let the world around us be that funny, crazy, cramped photo booth!

Jen's Party

Peace Out and don’t get stuck in a moment! 


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