Cotton Candy Grapes… really……A wonderful food find!

CC grapes

Ok ya’ll…..grab that cup of coffee because these grapes will blow your mind and require caffeine just to digest the wonderfulness of the product!  

Last year, about this same time, I came across this product while shopping at our local Fresh Market.  I may or may not have tried one in the parking lot (yes, unwashed and I survived)….and you are warned at this moment…the first grape…that first moment of “WHAT IN THE WORLD” will blow your mind!!!!  Close your eyes and it’s seriously like eating cotton candy…minus the whole your teeth will rot and fall out and you will then have to gum your food part!  So, last year, I continued the trek to Fresh Market for these wonderful, God inspired grapes.  Then they were gone.  What!!!!!!  Gone!!!!  Kim quickly comes home after that horrible day and “googled” (Of course I googled!) to see just what happened to my new best friend.  Alas, they are only available about two months each year.  Are you kidding me!  Great sadness came over me…..and the countdown began to the next Cotton Candy grape season.  

Then it came!  The email I had been waiting for!  They were back!!!!  I alerted those I knew who had fallen in love with this product and this week, we now all have Cotton Candy grapes back in our bellies!  Life is good!  Now…what I didn’t know is this….I have a friend, who has a friend who KNOWS the inventors!!!!!  

CC grape CEO

Jim Beagles & Jack Pandol, CEO’s of Grape Grapery

“These plump, juicy, all-natural seedless green grapes are one of our newest varieties, and they’re one that everyone is excited about. Cotton Candy® grapes taste exactly like the pink spun-sugar treat you loved as a kid at the circus—and we mean exactly. Pop some in your mouth, close your eyes, and you’re that kid again! And here’s a bonus: these grapes aren’t sticky and loaded with granulated sugar like the fluffy stuff you munched on back in the day. But they’re just as sweet—and much juicier. This is fresh fruit you can snack on all you want. Everyone who’s tried these one-of-a-kind grapes has had a jaw-dropping, totally amazed, reaction. 

The amazing flavor of Cotton Candy® grapes generated real media buzz. National news magazine shows like The Today Show and Good Morning America gushed over these grapes. Bloggers like raved about them. Ryan Seacrest talked about them on his syndicated radio show.” From:

These two guys have revolutionized the grape world…at least to me!  I did a little research and learned they haven’t stopped with Cotton Candy grapes.  Witch Fingers…Flavor Pops…WHAT!  What I also love about this company is that the grapes are truly seasonal.  They don’t try to make something a year-round product if that impacts quality!  I love that!  Folks…fruits and veggies are not meant to last for months in a warehouse!  

So, by now, I know  you are sitting there going…oh my goodness…I must taste these.  I must have now! Grapes that taste like a childhood favorite fair candy…what’s not to love!  Here’s the link to the store locator:

Now…if I can figure out how to meet these folks and express my awe…..maybe my friend, Carole, can hook a girl up!  A lifetime supply maybe for being their biggest fan???  

That’s all for today….enjoy this long weekend….and don’t stay stuck in a moment!  See ya soon!




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