Dreams, Goals and the word “Happy”

lennon quote


My husband began his final leg of his senior year of college yesterday.  Two years of work towards completion of a journey started long ago is almost finished.  My son began his junior year of college a week ago.  Several friends have children starting their first year of grade school, high school, college this year and all of these Instagram pictures and Facebook status updates regarding these events and updates regarding fighting this or that life obstacle has brought me to today…..Goals, Dreams and the word “Happy.”

Did John Lennon have it right?  That “when I grow up” should simply be the word “happy?”  I hear the words coming out of my almost four year old granddaughter, and not a single word about her life or dreams has anything to do with money or material items-it’s simply “will you read to me, will you play with me, let’s go outside, etc…” No goal is too big, no dream too wild as our children enter the world of education ready to learn and simply have “good days.”  Happy days.  Where in the journey do dreams/goals get crushed, or do we become so focused on the paycheck or what others may think of our goal/dream that we forget to focus on “happy?”  Where does the phrase “you can’t do that” take hold?  

Back to the personal journey taking place here at Kim’s Casa.  Our family has always been one where you are told to dream….set goals so big that the world will think you have gone crazy.  Yes, you do have to be realistic based upon the talents you have been given by God and the work ethic that was instilled and somewhat genetically wired into you…but dream!  Find your passion and your gifts and let go of the worry of how big your paycheck will be down the road….life is about being happy-finding your joy so that God’s light shines through you.  Find what you love and figure out a way to create a living out of that!  So, here’s this fifty year old man getting ready to take that college diploma in his hand…..here’s this awesome kiddo working hard to carve his niche in the classical percussion world…dreaming big….not focused on all the “what ifs” but on the “Why Not!”  


You can scroll through Facebook on any given day and see post after post about “I can’t” or how this or that has “prevented” a dream or goal……and maybe it’s true…but it doesn’t have to remain that way.  We will not all travel to our dream/goal in the same manner and we will all certainly have detours that take us off that road and then we have to find our way back….but that’s just it….find your way back.  Don’t let life and it’s adversity keep you from finding your “happy.”  And don’t let another person define what your “happy” is.  

I have RRP….and it has altered what I probably had in mind for my life course…..but in that rollercoaster…there are still goals, dreams and my personal “happy.”  So, don’t let life or the world around you stop you!  If a fifty year old man who made C’s and D’s back in the day on his first college journey can be looking at graduating today with honors….if a kid who has taken a love of music and figured out how to make that his life path can find happy……if that kid who is told of all the things that they can’t do because of a certain disability or disease can go on to run a major company or become a doctor…..what’s stopping you or me other than you or me?  

Let’s get out there and dream big!  God’s that big…so why not dream that big!

matthew west.

Peace out for today…..and cotton candy grape post is coming!

Don’t get stuck in a moment….Kim



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