So that’s my voice……and the joys of coffee.

First, let me lament the FACT I ran out of coffee yesterday morning and am still out this morning due to my “brain burps” that always occur when shopping without a list!  So, what’s a coffee addict to do?  Why, venture into town in yoga pants and a tshirt and take advantage of the drive-thru—of course!  (When I say “into town”, that means a five mile drive each way….just for coffee…I  know…kinda pitiful.)  Now to the topics of the day.

So, the radio interview with Shellie Nichol on Amazing Hope Radio aired this past Saturday.  I am still shocked at how I actually sound.  In my head, that’s just not how I sound. I sound so clear, albeit raspy in my brain when I talk.   I honestly struggled to listen to the airing-I’ll comment more on this in a bit.  My wonderful, adorable, sappy spouse was there for every single word of it.  My Dad was at the house as well to listen.  It was so revealing to watch their responses.  I guess it’s easy to forget this disease isn’t just about the one carrying it….it’s about the entire circle helping  you walk through the storm.  I watched my Dad’s face and could see the sadness and the flood of memories of my childhood experience with RRP coming back to his mind.  I watched Lee’s face and felt the pain he carries over being so helpless in this journey.  So, that was hard.  I’m not on the flip side during surgery.  I don’t have to sit and wait.  I’m well off into la-la land and once the Versed is administered, I honestly am good with whatever is taking place.  (If I was an addict, let me just say….Versed would be my drug of choice.)  I don’t carry a parent’s guilt over their child being sick.  No matter what the disease is, if your child is sick, as a parent you somehow take it all on.  I’ve done it with my own children and I’ve seen countless other parents do it with theirs.  It’s what we do.  So, to see that on my Dad’s face was hard.  Below is the link to the podcast if you want to listen:

Now to my voice.  My first response about three minutes into the hour long show was one I said aloud-“Seriously, that’s my voice?  Why do people still call me on the phone?  That’s hard to understand!”  I think what I sent my sister via text was “you be crazy” in reference to her calling me on the phone!  What I did not expect from Saturday’s airing was a new found understanding to the struggles not of my speaking, but of those who try to hear/understand what I am saying.  I hope because of this, I will work hard to maybe speak a tad slower, enunciate my words a tad better….talk less and listen more.  (The later part of that sentence is probably something we could all work on! Just because we CAN say it, doesn’t mean we SHOULD!)

And then…I began to listen and hear what I was saying and to hear that no matter what….I’m ok.  I’m ok with not understanding this whole journey and I am even ok if a cure is never found.  I hope one is for all the young kids out there who have a lifetime ahead of them…but if I am not a recipient of that cure one day…it’s ok.  My life has been a roller coaster of events that I would never want to change.  

Speaking of a cure for RRP….this sweet adorable girl named Emma decided to start her own version of the ALS “Ice Bucket” for RRP.  Ya’ll… just two days she has already been the reason for many in the RRP community making videos and posting to Facebook in hopes of not only raising money for research, but also raising awareness of a disease that robs us of our ability to breath and talk.  Here’s her video on Facebook…she is one of SO many!  I’ll post a couple of links here to some of the videos and hopefully, you can view them and just see the incredible strength so many exhibit! Emma Morgan

I could list so many more, but these two give you a great idea of my RRP family.  

Now…….about the rest of the weekend.  Fast forward to Sunday evening and Lysa TerKeurst was in town!  Ya’ll….she has such a great way of communicating to women!  She was a featured guest a couple of weeks ago when I ventured to Women of Faith with a group and Cross Church brought her into town last night for a night of worship and sessions!  Her first session was “A Wise Woman.”  We had heard a shorter version of this at WOF, so I was already aware of the general story there of the “Wise Woman” in II Samuel, but Lysa did a fabulous job of expanding her message and going a little deeper in the event here.  What a great reminder of the message of what a servant heart truly is.  Her second session was from the story of David and Abigail in I Samuel.  Abigail was a woman that paid attention.  She was able to see her assignment because of that simple statement-she paid attention.  More importantly, she spoke to David for who she knew David would/could be.  What if we all did that?  What if we all paid attention daily to those little moments of God showing us assignments instead of going out on our own and creating our own assignments?  What if we spoke to others for who we believed they could be…..because we are all God’s children and He doesn’t make mistakes and He does have a purpose for each on of us.  What if we spoke to one another with that mindset?  Not for who we were…but for who we can be?  So that we can always give our “Best Yes.” 


Sweet time with friends at Cross to see Lysa!

So, now we are into Monday and my coffee saga continues as I am still out of coffee.  I don’t know about ya’ll, but I honestly just dread going to the grocery store.  Maybe I can get my spouse to stop on his way home from work??????  

Have a great one and don’t get stuck in a moment!

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