On the radio….insert disco dance here…RRP

Ya’ll know how this blog was something I fought for months before finally being obedient and starting it…right?  Well…..what’s taken place since post one has been nothing short of a  “God thing” and I’m amazed at how many folks out there are taking time out of their very busy day to read the musings of this strange, imperfect person in Arkansas.  

Here’s today’s blog…which is sorta an announcement…but it’s more about this imperfect person being so humbled that someone wanted to hear my story in order to give hope.  

On Saturday, August 23rd, at 1PM PST (that’s  3PM CST, 4PM EST), this silly gal from Arkansas will be the guest on “Hope’s Not A Crime.”  I cannot begin to express how much I enjoyed my brief time with Shellie as she guided me through the quickest hour of my entire life!  If you feel so inclined, listed below are the ways you can listen on Saturday:

  • Iheartradio.com (type in KFAX)
  • Tunein.com
  • Christianradio.com

On the above you are looking for KFAX, AM 1100, San Fran.  If you miss the 1PM PST airing, it airs again at 10PM PST and will be on podcast in a couple of days!

Going public in this manner has been very exposing and a huge leap of faith….knowing it was not about me, but about what He wanted me to do…even if that meant leaving my little comfort zone.  

So….join us as we journey down my road and show just a smidgin of my puzzle piece in the great big puzzle He has created…..

For more information on “Hope’s Not a Crime” visit:  http://www.hopesnotacrime.org/

See ya’ll on the flip side of Saturday…and let’s never get stuck in a moment…..coffee time!

How fitting! Disco and duck voice!

How fitting! Disco and duck voice!

One thought on “On the radio….insert disco dance here…RRP

  1. So excited for you Kim!! God is doing wonderful things in and through you.
    An observation that I have made note of: Shelley’s are the most important people in your life. 😉Ha!
    I am enjoying reading your blog.
    Just call me your “bloggie!”


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