Living Under an Overpass-Homeless

I honestly had not planned to blog until next week, but tonight I saw something that I had seen several times before…but tonight….he stuck.  

A little background for those of you not local.  The area where I live is an affluent area.  (I do not fall into that category…but I do live in an area of affluence…just several generations removed!!)  We are home to some of the wealthiest people in the world.  No..really.  Anyways…our is not an area you think of when you hear the word “homeless,” yet there he is/was.  (I’m sure one of many, but he is the one I saw.)  

At the overpass where two towns meet and the roads change names, there has been a man living underneath for several days now.  All of his belongings are there.  I have not seen him on the corner begging, but with so many “scam” type beggars now…would I have really seen him if he was?  Let’s be honest.  We have all grown so immune to the folks who have decided to make their living begging, we ignore those who truly need our help.  We worry about our safety.  We worry about whether or not it’s someone that truly needs help…..and the list goes on.

Here’s this man.  His entire life under the underpass.  Where is he from?  How did he get to this point?  No one enters life saying, “When I grow up, I sure do hope I get to be homeless.”  What’s his story?  Was it drugs?  Just poor financial choices?  Is he a veteran?  I worry so much about the later.  These men that put their lives on the line for  my freedom….and so many are on our streets.  

I’m told that if I see a need and I can meet it…I am to meet it.  Not question how that person got to that point.  My question is-how do you meet his need?  I saw him today….really saw him.  I didn’t look the other way.  For today, he wasn’t invisible to me.  I wonder how many others have “seen” him too?  

Funny thing is that while never to the extreme of living under an underpass, I do know what it’s like to not have a place to call home as a child and while always short lived… stuck.  

So, those are my questions for tonight.  Maybe he just got stuck in a moment.  


PS-In other news……and to lighten the tone….it’s almost time for cotton candy grapes.  That, my friend, will be a blog for sure!  

2 thoughts on “Living Under an Overpass-Homeless

  1. I love your blog and I love you! I am glad the rest of the world gets to see your brilliance now, Co-Queen. It’s about dad-gum time! 🙂


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